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Below you can find some examples of my prior roles and thoughts as spokesperson, panelist, and leader on a broad variety of issues ranging from educational needs and outcomes to rural economies to economic development.



Serving In Transition

When I began serving as interim chancellor for ECU I shared some thoughts on the tremendous role ECU plays in the fabric of rural Eastern North Carolina.

The entire op-ed can be found here:

Key Points: 

North Carolina will need 2 million more college educated students by 2030. 

ECU provides a great avenue for community college students to further their education.

The community within the University (and the broader one) cannot be matched.

Everyone can and should be an advocate for the abundance of opportunities and institution like ECU provides. 

Red Barn


Moving North Carolina Forward

I had the honor of serving as President of the Golden LEAF Foundation for over a decade. I shared some key points I learned during my tenure.

My complete comments can be found here:

 Key Points: 

Rural communities must be prepared for development to capture opportunities.

Enhanced educational opportunities will help build a quality workforce for the future.

Connecting and collaborating with multiple stakeholders will yield productive results.

Rural North Carolina and its partners must be flexible to allow for development.

Laser Cutting


Driving the Engine of the Economy

During my time at Golden LEAF we sought to fund projects which would drive job growth, bring prosperity, and serve communities. Below are a few links to articles relating to our grants and my thoughts on the impacts of said grants.


Expertise in Action: Projects
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